Experience in SMA Titian Teras Pt 1

Well, this is my first time I write things like this, so please bear me with messy language. So, I just want to share one of my bad experience… Maybe this is the worst Nightmare in my life.

1 Aug, 2013

The first day of august, and my first day in my new senior high school. It is located about 30 km from my house. And it is a cram school, so you must stay in the school area and dorm only. Im so excited with my new school, and when I arrived at the dorm, im completely shocked. The dorm was too crowded, the toilets are limited and some light bulb are off. And the worst, we don’t have any desk for study!

So, after say good bye to my family, im starting to unpack my things to the small-ugly-stinky cupboard. I felt disappointed with the facilities. We just get ugly bed with some blood stain, a cupboard and cloth line. And under my bed there is other student bed. Someone who under me is a blabber girl with bad habit like, her habit for always ask for someone food etc. I hate my first day. And, in the afternoon, the upperclassman team that called “PPDB” marching to our room. They are give us some explanation about formal regulation and some “Unofficial” regulation. The “Unofficial” one is made by the upperclassman. Some of them were silly and don’t have any benefit. Like:

 *You can’t smile to the male student and upperclass’ at the fact, you can’t smile to anyone.

*You are prohibited to bring cosmetics, liquid detergent, liquid soap, perfume that above 1$, facial wash, posters, novel, other book that not related with school, Boyfriend photo (WTF!? Is this?), Scrub, Lotion, Any beauty treatment.

*You just allowed to walk on asphalt, not on grass, even the pavement.

*For  the girl freshmen who don’t wear hijab, they must wear a pair-of-black-thin-pin to their hair, they musn’t take them off until 1 YEAR!, and for the hijabers, you can’t wear any instant hijab, you must wear the one that sell in the minimarket at school.

*You must walk fast, but not running. And you must bow your head down.

*Never stare the upperclassman

*Never wear colored mukena.

*You must put your hand while eat on the table, but don’t put it too high.

*You can’t go to canteen, and Minimarket. Except they give you some execuse.

*The 1st year girls is the lowest caste in the school


And, that’s a bunch of silly regulation that they made. I hate some of them, like we must bow, or the caste system. We cannot get our rights while we are still in the first grade. The upperclassman told us to always “Korsa”. “Korsa” mean “Komando Rasa” or in English, always same in everything, never be different. But, for me that is one of repression in my own passion as an artist. We must be SAME, and that sooooo annoying. I love Harajuku, Cosplay, Artist, and makeup junkie, how can I be SAME with other? How can I be same with those unknown-student?!

At night, I felt angry and half-hearted to continue my days in this “Hell”. I’m so sorry for choose this semi-military school. I even don’t know who sleep beside me. I’m from other province, so it just me who school in this Hell. I just hope I don’t do anything that weird..




No Longer In Hiatus :(

Hello Ladies (_._)~

I have some bad news ><..

I’ll in hiatus for about one year. The matter is i am going to study in semimilitary school…

Because of my parent’s work, i must moved to one of small city in IND. I’m very sad of this choice. I’m not too used lived in such a small city like this. No artshop, exhibition, big malls, citywalk etc.

And the worst, i must study in THAT school. At first, i think the school are quite fun. But, in fact, there are many sillystupid rules. Most of them are makin’ by the seniors.

I hate some of them, that must be. But there are some nice seniors. I felt relived a bit. Despite of that kindness, i still have many things to face and adapt.

I dont have any faith to my new friends.I dont like the seniors who like to interfere our problems. Even if that about your faith and your parents, they still want to know. They ask us to behave politely, but they didn’t.They ask us to don’t be flirty, but they did the opposite.

i hate the fact, i’m a newcomer from city

even A FUSSY and CRUEL senior BITCHING and MOCK me about my language style…

asdfghjkl… Im sososososo hate her….

I wish i can seal her mouth with mousetrap glue or superglue.

An, another thing, when you are freshmen, you must follow a program for 2 months. In that program, we are not allowed to communicate with parents, world, and it is prohibited to bring some makeup.

I’m upset right now. As a freshmen of that high school, i never mention my cyber-name and my identity in internet. For safety, i’ll be in hiatus. So please bear me with this condition





ღReview Pinkcoco Wig ღ

Hello Ladies,

I’m getting busy right now coz National Exam, but it worth. I get 2nd high score in school!. Yaaay im happy right now (^O^)>.  So I decided to buy new wig. Finally, I choose Pinkcoco from Princess Butik.

I forgot the type, but it is long and a little bit wavy.DSC02389

It came with white-carton box.  It has hair net too, so you don’t need to buy hair net (^^)

And, I try it :D!


(Sorry for the Black Smear :D, I pouted so badly and look like a duck -_-)

And another pic with flash.


And some camwhore -_-.


(My nose is so flat -_-)

And my opinion about Pinkcoco wig :

(+) Very Smooth 😀

(+) Very Natural

(+)Comfortable to used everyday

(+)Suitable for ulzzang and gyaru.

(-)Pricey 😥

(-)Look fake with flash

So that’s my conclusion for this review. If you wanna buy it, you can visit Princess Butik. They offer lots of style with SUPER deal!.

My MAKEUP in this review:


-Maybelline Mineral Concealer

-Nivea Mosturizer

-Maybelline Foundation

-La Tullipe Loose Powder


-Princess Mimi Sesame Grey 15 mm.

-Some china falsies

-Maybelline eyeshadow Hyper Diamonds BR-2.

-Maybelline Master Liner White.

-Pixy Liquid Eyeliner


-La Tullipe Lip Gloss.

ღReview GEO circle lens ღ

Hiii Everyone!

This time, I’ll review about GOE Circle Lens Princess Mimi in Sesame Gray. Although I don’t have much money, (im a poor student -_-) I really want this lens. I saw them on the Japan advertisement with the model Tsubasa Masuwaka . Really, in the first time I didn’t interested with them, but I felt my vision is worse. So, I cannot see anything without my glasses, and it is terrible. Finally, I bought the lens on the Tomato Shop.


There are two bottle that contain lens. I have bad myopia, so, I bought a pair of lens with two different minus size, -4.00 and -5.00.


The outer package of the lens are very standard. Just a box. But, the inner package are safe indeed. Even, I cut my fingers to open the bottles TT_TT


So safe package. The lid of the bottle made of can, and need special ways to open the bottle.


It has three color layers .The outer layer of lens is black, the second is grey and the last is yellow. The diameter is big enough for newbie like me to put it on my eyes. But my struggle was paid and I have big eyes ^^.

Here is the preview.

img 3 DSC02213img 2

(my eyes are scary -_-“ with flash on)

And with makeup :

(Indoor without flash)

siap 3img 4img 7img 55(Taken with Sony Xperia E)

(With flash)

img 2 img 14 img 33

Conclusion :

And finally a gave some of my opinions about this lens

(+) It is comfy enough to wear about 2-3 hr(I have sensitive eyes), but after that hours, my eyes felt uncomfortable.

(+)The price is not too expensive

(+)Give big dolly eyes

(+)Suitable for ulzzang look

(-)Sometime when I look straight, My eye looked scary (Cross-eyed)

(-)Looks ugly without makeup

(-)Looks artificial if take picture with flash

If you interested to buy, you can buy it on Tomato Shop! Tomato shop sell original product and reasonable prices!.

(‘O’)/ http://www.tomatoonshop.com/

ღ[Review] Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush Studioღ

Heey, I’m baack  (°ω°)∫. Finally, I can make another post for my blog. It is still empty through (°°_)$. Forget that.  Actually, I want to buy Body Shop blush, but the counter is so far from my house, so I bought Maybelline blush studio. The appearance of Maybelline attract me with it’s small package.

Here is the product picture

Img 6

Mine is Creamy Cinnamon color. It has soft pink color.  Actually I prefer  more orange color. But I only found this at drug store (-___-“). This little blusher doesn’t make your cheek glowy pink like it’s name (°×°)\. It just give a little pink sheer on your cheek. Let’s look it up.

Img1 Img 2


Then, I try it on my cheek. But, if I take a photo of it, the result is always blurred. So, I try it on my hand. Here is the result

Img 4


(Without flash)


(With Flash)

See? the color isn’t visible. Although I don’t need the vibrant blusher. But if so, this blusher is too soft. If I use it in the sunny day, it will be dissolve only in 1 hour. I love the soft color, but it will be better if the color don’t disappears so quickly. (-__-“).


Then, I try it on the paper without flash.

Img 5

And with flash…

Even though I brush it to the clear-white paper, it still not showing stronger color. I disappointed enough with it too soft intensity (-__-^). I can’t contouring my face with this blusher.

And here is my score for the Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush Studio.

(+) Lovely Pink color


(+)Small Package

(+)Not too chalky

(-)Too Soft

(-)Not waterproof

(-)Not Long lasting(idk how to say it)

(-)Don’t have any applicator brush

(-)Can’t use for contouring

I rate for this blusher is 50 from 100

If I want buy blusher, I don’t want to buy it again -__-

 How About You ?

♡Comparisons of the brands♡ Maybelline Magnum Volum Express and Maybelline Hypercurl Volum Express

Hi, There!♬

This time I’ll compare two mascaras. Both of them are Maybelline. Maybe some of you get confused, why I choose same brands for my comparison. Well, actually when I want buy my first mascara, I still rather be uncertain for my option of it. So, I bought two of them and I think, it is better if I test them thoroughly.

Img 1

 Both of them are in same range price. But, I purchase the Magnum first, because It attract me so much.


This is the packaging of Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara

Img 7

The tube is fat and round. I hate that fat package. It serve more place to storage it in the box. The applicator is amuse me enough with it neat, furry brush.

Img 8

Magnum has very arched applicator. It has same fat package. The applicator is thicker than Hypercurl, but sometimes it is very annoying . I will test them to my eyes, WARNING: There is a photo of my scary eyes ! 😛

Img 2

Then, I spread them to my hand. Hmmm… Magnum is so bold and black rather than Hypercurl.

Img 4

Then, I tried it to my eyes. Looks the difference! Magnum pop up my eyelashes!

*Scroll your mouse quickly if you scared of my eyes -_-*

 Img 5

Img 6

And the normal view. I swear no more scary-things from my eyes :D. At this view, I think Magnum and Hypercurl is almost same, but, if I see them in the real world, Hypercurl is give me light and coarse eyelash than Magnum. It won’t give me dramatic effect to my eyes  *O*. Then, I will test them with wipes and water.

Img 3

Then, I wash them with cold water and wipes them gently with tissue. But they are still sturdily stick on my hand.


After that, I rub them hardly. The Magnum looks dull and blurred against the Hypercurl.

Afterwards, I rub them with remover, and they are gone.

Here some advantage and the disadvantage of the products:

  • Maybelline Magnum Volum Express:

(+) Give dramatic effect

(+) The Eyelashes will popped up

(+) Long lasting and Water proof

(+) Not very expensive

(+)Neat Result

(+) Suitable for heavy makeup like gyaru

(-) Fat tube

(-)Yellow package that easily look dirty

(-)Very thick applicator

  • Maybelline Hypercurl Volum Express:

(+)Give Natural result

(+)Suitable for daily usage

(+)Cheap price


(+)Neat applicator

(-)Fat tube

(-)Won’t give dramatic effect

(-)Doesn’t look good if wear it with falsies

So, the winner is…

Magnum! Yaaaay

I pick Magnum because of it’s stroke and thickness. It made my eyelashes strand out and give a VOLUME effect. But, two of them are good. If I want to buy a mascara, I would like to buy the Magnum  again^^.

Hope you like it.♬